DIA / M Arch

Marina completed her studies of Architecture at the University of Belgrade and continued her postgraduate studies of Urban Design at the University of Western Australia. In 9 years of private practice, Marina took part in over 100 mobility studies, parking studies, streetscape studies either as an author or co-author. The project scales range from individual residential and commercial objects to master plans of entire greenfield suburbs.

Marina’s primary area of interest are integrated sustainable practices. Given she has formal education in architecture and urban planning and her interests encompass transport modelling, city economy and asset management she is an integral part of our team. Marina is a co-owner of  KCTT and Innovo Consulting, consulting companies working predominantly in civil and traffic engineering.


DIA / M Arch

Milena’s primary focus are sustainable development and gender equality in planning and urban design. Prior to commencing appointment of the Managing Director in the Public Planning Company “Plan Sabac” she acquired substantial practical experience in private enterprises in Belgrade and Ljubljana. During her time in “Plan Sabac” she either managed or co-authored a significant volume of urban design projects. In 2017 she won the first prize on the International Urban Planners Exhibition in the category of Master Planning.

She completed her studies of Architecture at the University of Belgrade in 2007. Her most treasured experience are the Master Studies at the Cornell University, New York where she got the opportunity to delve into researching the relationship between architecture and media.

Milena is a co-founder of the initiative ” Women in Architecture” and editor of the book ” Women in Architecture | Contemporary Architecture in Serbia beyond 1990″. She is a member of the Chamber of Engineers in Serbia as a registered architecture practitioner and registered urban planner.


M Civ Eng

Colin has more than 24 years of practical experience in delivering civil and traffic engineering projects in Australia. He holds a Master Civil Engineering degree and is a Fellow member of Engineers Australia. His experience is wide and varied – from civil works supervision to designing highways and drainage systems.

Colin personally supervised construction of thousand of kilometres of road, water pipes, wastewater pipes, drainage pipes and tens of thousands of lots. He participated in master planning process as a civil and traffic consultant for more than 100 new communities. His main area of interest is delivery of complex projects where the answer requires analysis of the urban structure from various viewpoints. He is a co-owner of KCTT and Innovo Consulting, consulting agencies whose primary area of expertise is civil and traffic engineering in Serbia and Australia.


Designer, Creative Director Red Kangaroo Marketing Agency

Milos has been a part of the creative industries for over 9 years. He completed his formal education in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture at the University of Belgrade and combines it with the experiences he obtained working in marketing and IT areas. Major part of this experience was amassed during his time in Webpro where he started as UI/UX designer and rose to the position of the Senior Designer.

Milos is co-author of a number of scientific papers and projects dealing with descriptive geometry, geometry of landscapes and geometry in art. His works were presented on various conferences in Serbia and internationally, and subsequently published in various scientific magazines. He is a co-author of a number of multidisciplinary art exhibitions.


IT expert

Damir’s are of expertise are innovation in IT technologies and development of smart devices. He has work experience in IT journalism and programming. Since 2015 he works as a project manager in development of smart devices for local markets. He managed over 10 larger projects varying in characteristics and has actively worked with business partners from China, Google, Germany, Slovenia, Macedonia etc. He is focused on constantly improving his Java programming skills particularly on variations for Android devices.

Damir skillfully combines his wide areas of interest that range from astro physics to innovation, communication, to various sports with his practical expertise. His strive to get the understanding of the bigger picture and the concept allows him to successfully manage complex projects.