The primary goal of the photo competition (dis)Connection, an inaugural part of the program Smart Space, is to raise on efficient and inclusive use of public spaces

Whom public space belongs to?

Theme of the competition is a visual media (photography) exploration of a following set of questions:

  • Whom public space belongs to?
  • Who are the users of the public space and are there any user groups missing (persons of a particular gender, age, physical ability etc.)
  • Do different groups use the same space in different ways?
  • Does the principle use of public space change in the relation to time of the day or a season?

Goal of the competition is to:

  • Raise consciousness of a wider audience on the diversity of public space users’ needs – every day we use spaces that are also used by thousands of other people whose needs and expectations are completely different from our own. While we often ponder urban elements that we perceive as deficiencies in the urban space, we rarely consider the same urban elements from perspective of other users. “Smart” space is attractive to a wide audience and a variety of user groups.
  • Bring attention to inclusive planning – process that considers various user groups and their needs in designing of the urban spaces.
  • Illustrate the current state of affairs in the public urban spaces – photo documentation as “snapshot” of the urban areas across the Republic of Serbia – where are we at now and where we want to be.


The duration and the propositions

Competition is open for submissions from 16.12.2017. by 28.02.2018.

Spatial scope of the of the competition is the territory of the Republic of Serbia. For purposes of this competition public space is defined as: „Each open space in the urban area generally available for access to all citizens, always or at the certain periods of day or night. Those are squares, parks, streets, courts, internal courtyards, the sidewalks, pedestrian paths etc. “

Participants of the competition I can submit one or more photos that are in line with requirements of the competition. With each submitted photo, participants must attach the following information:

  • Personal data of the participants of the competition and the author photos – if these are different or there is more than one participant (first name, last name, contact information, date of birth)
  • Location where the photo was taken (location must be within the boundaries of the territory of the Republic of Serbia)
  • General date when the photo was created (month and year, as a minimum)
  • Title and / or comment on the photo(s) (up to 140 character)

Ideally, photo needs to satisfy general aesthetic propositions and to encourage the viewer to engage with the topic of the competition.

Photos can be submitted in the different formats (PNG, JPEG, TIF, HEIC…) in resolution not lesser of 4032 x 3024px.

Jury and the exhibition

Once the competition is closed, the jury will commence selection process. Physical copies of the photos will be exhibited in a gallery as a part of the Belgrade Photo Month in period from 13.04.2018. to 28.04.2018.

Jury make up:

Jelisaveta Blagojević – Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Critical Studies of Politics, FMK
Maja Lalić – Architect, Urbanist
Žarko Čulić – Photographer, Magazine Portret

Photo contest (dis)Connection is closed. We received more than 200 photographs, the best of which, according to our jury, will be part of the exhibition that will be held from April 4th to 25th in the Atelier and Gallery Čubrilo - Millennium Tower in Gardoš, Zemun.

Thank you for your great interest!