About Us

Smart City is a NGO founded by experienced professionals working the fields of architecture, planning, engineering, landscape architecture and IT. We believe that what makes a city smart is sustainable, innovative, integrative and holistic approach to the urban development.

Our activities will be organized into 3 main programs:

  • City for All – raising awareness of citizens’ diverse spatial needs, supporting sustainable urban mobility solutions, promoting gender perspective in urban planning and design
  • Knowledge Base – creating networks and knowledge databases available to city administrations and experts in urban planning in Serbian language, enhancing stakeholder communication
  • New Technologies – introducing smart solutions in city utility services, advocating a holistic approach to urban metabolism and resources, encouraging energy-efficient, low-impact and sustainable solutions

Our mission is to promote sustainable development in Serbia and the region through projects, events, research, workshops and publications aimed at fostering the spirit of innovation and raising sustainability awareness in the local context. We want to use our knowledge, energy and international experience to introduce and develop “smart” practices into the everyday life of the cities in Serbia.